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Things to do in and around the village of Casperia, Italy

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Things to do in and around the village of Casperia, Italy

Casperia is a beautiful little village in Italy that is situated on the mountains of Sabina, just north east of Rome in the province of Rieti.

 Casperia is one of the most picturesque medieval villages as it sits perched on a rocky cliff, bound by its original stone walls and watchtowers. It offers the traveler a look back in time in a great location close enough to Rome, but far away from the tourist traps.

We have researched and reviewed the best places to visit and the top things to do in Casperia. Whether you are a fan of architecture or natural landscapes. Read on for a guide of cool things to do in India.

San Giovanni Battista Church

Here around the Christmas season a local craftsman makes and wonderful model of the Casperia Village, a tradition that has been ongoing for at least a decade. This visual is sure to get you in the christmas spirit.

Gusto al Borgo

Gain more than just a belly full of bread and pasta while visiting Gusto al Borgo. Here you can take a cooking course in their 16th century palace alongside the family. You will use fresh from the farm ingredients and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

Bunker Soratte

For the history buffs, make sure to check out this restored bunker that was used up until the 70’s as a Cold War fallout shelter for the Italian government. This important site has been carefully prepared to allow visitors to feel what those last days of WWII were like.

Abbazia di Farfa

Set in green hills and surrounded by woods, the Abbey is a beautiful church that offers the visitor a good place to tour away from the populous region of Rome. The small ‘borgo’ is dominated by the abbey, which you can take a guided tour around. It has an interesting history and no cars are allowed therefore it’s very peaceful.

Museo dell’Olio della Sabina

A museum of art installations dedicated to the Sabine olive oil that the 2nd century A.D. physician Galen described as the best in the ancient world. The Museum sits inside Palazzo Perelli, a restored 16th century building.  The “Giardino degli ulivi del mondo” (The Garden of olive trees of the world) hosts the different species cultivated in the Mediterranean basin.


A quaint little village with wonderful scenery to enjoy some peace and quiet. This is the birthplace of the Christmas Nativity scene that is set out by Christians worldwide each December.

The Olive People

A culinary experience that takes you through mother nature is an experience not to miss while visiting in the countryside of Casperia. This area is unspoilt and an undiscovered corner of Italy that takes you through the architecture and history of the local flora and fauna. You’ll be taught how to taste olive oil like an expert.

Riserva Naturale Regionale Nazzano Tevere-Farfa

This wetland nature reserve is a serene and rewarding place to visit for gentle walking or cycling along the scenic riverside tracks.

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