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Top 5 Articles – Fasting and Detox

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Top 5 Articles – Fasting and Detox

We have been super busy researching more benefits associated with not just detoxing but also cleansing and food fasting. We have put the best of the best articles together especially for our readers. From Ted Talks, documentaries, blogs, videos and infographics, all delivering interesting facts on detox, cleansing, and fasting benefits.

Here are our Top 5 selection of articles on detox, fast and cleansing benefits for our body, mind and overall wellbeing.

1. TedX Talk Why fasting bolsters brain power by Mark Mattson

Fasting, in moderation can be beneficial for our body’s immunity, reduces inflammation, speeds up our metabolism, and has been scientifically proven to help treat many illness and diseases such as Parkinson’s, aid stroke recover and treatment for other motor neuron diseases. The theory is that if we reduce energy intake and apply restriction on the brain, it allows us to slow down the degeneration of the body. This can be achieved by reducing meal sizes, intermittent fasting and the like.

Want to know more ? Check out this wonderful TEDx talk on fasting and how our bodies react to fasting to improve our health.

2. Article What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Eat for 16 Hours

This article so simply summarises the social habits of eating, explains what happens to our bodies when we don’t eat and gives a tangible example of how you can adopt healthy fasting exercises into your routine.

3. Blog and Video 3 Day cleanse

Coelia Pelletier (www.fitinaplane.com) is a blogger, traveller, yoga teacher and BYAmbassador. She recently finished her very first juice cleanse and documented her experiences; the highs, the lows and everything in between (http://www.fitinaplane.com/single-post/2016/10/04/3-DAY-CLEANSE). The beauty of this blog is that its real! Coelia is a very grounded and down to earth person, reading her blog will allow you to feel the journey without the doctors and scientific facts. Just her words with her feelings, her emotions and her humble energy.

4. Article and Infographic Benefits of Fasting

This article is a wonderful scientific summary of what happens to our bodies during a fast (http://therenegadepharmacist.com/benefitsoffasting/).

The information it delivered in a way that is easy to understand, especially for those of us that are not so scientifically savy, and we loved the infographic as a point of reference.

5. BBC Horizon Documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer

There are so many great talks and documentaries available on the internet surrounding this topic. However, whilst they are informative, listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video of a person standing on a stage talking about their research can get a bit boring. This documentary delivers the facts and also gives a first hand experience of the presenter undergoing a 3 day fast; his physical experiences, emotional experiences and the medical outcome resulting from the fast. You can find more information about the documentary at the BBC, here.

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