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Top Five Delightfully Healthy Restaurants For Yogis In India

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Top Five Delightfully Healthy Restaurants For Yogis In India

For all of our food-lovin’ Yogis and Yoginis out there, whose expression gets a little far-away when thinking about what they are going to eat for lunch, and plan their next meal while they are still eating the current one, and what they ate is always the first thing they mention when telling friends about a trip, this page is for you.

A mecca for yoga and healthy eating, yogis traveling to India are in for a treat! There are cities, like Rishikesh, that are even vegetarian by law!  Our recommendations below feature organic, sustainably-sourced, vegetarian, vegan, plant-based or dairy free eating in Indian tiny cafes, crazy markets, small-scale coffee shops, and stunning institutions. Peruse the list, get inspired, and hit the street to find your next meal!

Ayurpak in Narendra Nagar

Ayurpak is a family owned and operated Ayurvedic restaurant based near Narendra Nagar. Their philosophy is based on Ayruvedic teachings, so all of their food is cooked in ghee instead of oil, no preservatives or artificial flavors are used and everything is made fresh. There is a garden on site that they use for most of their herbs and as much vegetation as possible. Visit website

Carrot’s Healthy Kitchen & Store in Bangalore

Located in Bangalore, this fully vegan restaurant describes itself as ‘from Barbecue Baked Tofu to Pataka Wrap, Almond Pesto Paella to Malai Kofta, Tiramisu to Jamoon…exotic or familiar, indulgent or healthy, all our dishes are made with creativity, compassion and Love’ . You can also order a vegan cake there for special events! Visit website

Carpe Diem in Dharamsala

If a rooftop terrace and wood-fire pizza oven sound like your jam, do not miss this comfy restaurant with outdoor seating in Dharamsala. Try a pizza or come in for breakfast. It has become a main space for visitors to hangout and meet up, if you have any musical instruments bring them along for a chance to have a jam session.

Bean Me Up in Goa

A brainchild of a New York expat, this outdoor vegan restaurant in Goa is an oasis. Take a seat under a mango tree and nourish yourself with locally grown, non-GM food with substantial portions. They even serve bamboo straws to care for the planet. Be sure to save room for desert! Visit website

Ramana’s Organic Cafe in Rishikesh

Located in Rishikesh, this restaurant serves organic food in a peaceful setting that supports a great cause! This is a must-try. Everything on their unique menu is fresh from their garden. Their profits support local homeless, impoverished and disabled children. They may close for winter so be sure to make sure they are open. Visit website

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