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Visit One of the Food Capitals of the World: Taiwan

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Visit One of the Food Capitals of the World: Taiwan

Recently, more and more foodies are flocking to Taiwain, an incredible food destination that you’ve maybe never considered. This island nation has some of the best noodle dishes you’ve ever eaten, with cuisine that is largely inspired by nearby Chinese and Japanese foods. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, even has a huge food quarter with over 20 streets dedicated solely to food.

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in and eat to your heart’s content at this amazing foodie destination!

Beef Noodle Soup

The name is simple, and the dish itself seems uncomplicated at first, but you’ll be overwhelmed by the depth of flavor and texture that this Taiwanese classic carries. Made with traditional Chinese noodles, this is a great dish to pick up at a local street food vendor. And if you’re lucky you’ll be in town for the annual Beef Noodle Festival at which Taiwanese chefs compete to see whose dish is crowned the best Beef Noodle Soup in Taiwan.

Bubble Tea

This refreshing beverage has quickly made its way across the world–and with good reason. Bubble tea is an exquisite mixture of local tea and tapioca (or other) pearls that make this a truly fun beverage for everyone to try. We recommend trying a basic flavor first as this will give you the most authentic experience.


Never heard of this exotic fish before? Well you’re not alone. But this is definitely a food you should discover while you’re in Taiwan. Usually served over a bowl of rice porridge, milkfish has a delicate, sweet taste and falls apart beautifully in your mouth when cooked right. This is a great option for everyone, but especially for pescetarian travelers who are looking to escape the beef and pork that often features in local noodle dishes.

Pineapple cake

A perfect dessert food that will make everyone happy, this is one of the most fun Taiwanese dishes. made of a simple white bun filled with candied pinneapple, this is a great dessert to pick up when you’re walking around, and because you can buy it packaged in many places, its a super treat to bring back for friends and family at home!

Ba wan (Giant meat dumplings)

As the name implies, these are really giant dumplings filled with delicious, savory meats. The meat inside is wrapped in a thin, almost translucent skin of rice flour, and the inside is a marinated pork and veggie mixture. This is a great pick me up any time of day!

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