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What to do in Hvar, Croatia

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What to do in Hvar, Croatia

Croatia is home to more than 1000 islands, and while some of them are no more than rocky outcroppings from the sea, there are few places as beautiful as the Dalmatian islands. Truly the jewel of the Dalmatian Islands, however, is Hvar. Hvar is one of Croatia’s most enviable travel locations, featuring beautiful sweeping panoramas of the Adriatic Sea. It also is chock full of amazing places to visit, including famous castles, sunny beach bars, elegant restaurants and wild caves. There’s truly something for everyone to do here!

Discover the Croatian Renaissance

In the 15th and 16th century’s Croatia underwent a vast cultural and academic enriching based in Hvar. With influences from Italy as well as the Austro-Hungarian empire, Croatia blossomed into a cultural hub. Today, visitors can explore a variety of ancient building once walked by Croatian poets, artists and academics. One such location is the beautiful Tvrdalj, a Croatian fortress located near Hvar’s main port of Stari Grad. This is a beautiful building featuring high, vaulted ceilings and a salt-water fish pool, and visiting really sets the scene for what it must have been like during the Croatian Renaissance.

Sail around the nearby Pakleni Islands

Croatia is famous for it’s wind and water sports, and one of the most popular and scenic journeys that seafarers can take on is a boat trip around the Pakleni Islands. This is a series of several small, wooded islands just off the coast of Hvar, and a boat tour will take visitors in and around the islands, allowing them to breathe in the delicious sea-air, and they can stop and have a drink or lunch in a secluded restaurant almost reaching over the ocean. Definitely a must sea for any sea-lover visiting Hvar.

Hike to the Beautifully Secluded Mekićevica Beach

A short 45 minute hike from the center of Hvar is Mekićevica beach, a pristine white beach that is quite isolated (due to it’s distance and lack of accessibility by car). This is a great place to go sunbathing and swimming and get away from the crowds in Hvar.

Walk through Fields of Lavender

Hvar is well known for it’s incredible fields of Lavender, which cover the island in a delicious aroma when the flowers are in bloom from June to July. The island is actually a well known lavender refinery, and there is even a lavender festival at the end of every June in Velo Grablje! This is a must visit location for anyone who loves the smell of these flowers, wants to pick up a few essential oils, or just wants to take a picture in the picturesque fields.

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