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What to Do When You’ve Got Time in Guatemala

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What to Do When You’ve Got Time in Guatemala

Guatemala is a vibrant country located to the south of Mexico. Full of interesting opportunities, both for the adventurous spirits and the calm, collected yogis, travelers are guaranteed to find something that fits their fancy! From volunteering to climbing volcanoes, read on to learn about our top picks for things to do when you’re in Guatemala!

Learn the Language at a School in Antigua! 

Why not dive into learning the spanish language when visiting this vibrant Central American country? Here you will find plenty of Spanish schools, for a very affordable price. Check out Antigua if you’re seeking a comfortable, westernized place to learn. Xela or San Pedro La Laguna are also destinations for Spanish learners.

Chill with some Hippies in San Marcos

Let’s face it sometimes when we are on vacation, we stress ourselves out with so much to do, in so little time! if you’re feeling like you need meditative moments to chill out, head to San Marcos, the hippie hub of Guatemala. There are tons of yoga classes on offer with lake views, or you can sign up for a longer-term yoga or meditation retreat. You can also find plenty of vegan and vegetarian food options to chow down on.

Spread the Love and Volunteer for a Guatemalan Community

A memorable experience to add to your agenda is volunteering in this developing country. The poverty rate hovers around 50%, with indigenous peoples typically far more impoverished than non-indigenous. If you’re planning on spending a significant amount of time in Guatemala, look into a cause that speaks to you, and pour some love into helping the Guatemalan community.

Wash Away Your Blues in the Blue Pools of Semuc Champey

Visiting Semuc Champey is undoubtedly one of the top items on any Guatemalan bucket list. The natural, emerald pools might just be the most beautiful thing you will see on this side of the world. While the transit to arrive to this gem is quite the hassle, after a moment of soaking in this turqoise water your troubles will quickly wash away.

Conquer Your Fear of Heights (and Stingrays!) in Antigua City

Antigua City offers numerous adventures for lovers of nature, water and animals. At Stingray City, plan to hug a stingray after you get whisked away on a boat to the beautiful coral reefs. Spread your wings and fly like Tarzan, taking a zipline tour through the Antigua Rainforest.

Be Adventurous at San Pedro on Atitlan Lake

Want to climb volcanoes and swim in crystal clear water? Make a beeline for the stoned haven of San Pedro on Atitlan Lake. Climbing Acatanenango is an incredible chance to witness a live volcano erupting. Preparation before hiking is key, as it’s not for the faint of heart. Altitude sickness is no joke. If you would prefer something a little less strenuous, rent a kayak and float beneath the volcanoes.

Take a Trip Through Time at the Ruins of Tikal

The ruins of Tikal are point blank amazing. Take the time to soar through steep-temples, majestic hieroglyphics and mysterious passages. The jungle will close in from all sides and allowing you to walk alongside isolated trails to reach some of the lesser known ruins. If you’re lucky enough you may even catch some solo time here to catch the sunrise or consider a sunset on your last night visiting!

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