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What to Pack for EPIC Yoga Festival?

What to Pack for EPIC Yoga Festival?

Written by Logan Giroux (@logangiroux on Instagram)


Packing can be stressful. I’ve got you covered.

In this article I’ll cover the essentials that should make their way into your bag before you head out for EPIC Yoga Festival in Marrakech.


The sun is brutal, you will be outside. Simple enough?


See note above on sunblock


This is going to a life changing experience. Do your future self a favor and bring a journal to recap the day before you hit the pillow, or take some notes from the inspirational talks and presentations. You won’t regret bringing a small journal, I promise. Don’t forget a pen!


High calorie snacks such as nuts and dried fruits will be important for keeping energy levels high, especially with all the movement based activities. Trail mix is my go to, I’m a big fan of mixing chocolate chips with craisins and various nuts.


I prefer sandals with straps for the toes and the heel, but any breathable shoes for dancing will do. Remember you are going to be moving, so don’t wear shoes that are going to be fighting you the whole time.


You’ll want some clothes to change into after you’ve danced and yoga’d the day away. Keep it loose and breathable, and if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to show off your style a bit, i’d say this is your chance.


I always go with a light tapestry or blanket so I have a portable place to sit. Super easy to pack, also doubles as a head wrap or something to block the sun for a bit. Get wet? Use it as a towel. A multipurpose sarong will do you right for EPIC.


For women

First off, I am a man. I cannot speak from personal experience, however there are so definite do’s and don’t’s when packing for your trip.


Marrakech is HOT, meaning you have a few options when it comes to beating the heat: wear little clothing, or wear loose, breathable clothing. I am going to recommend you go for option number two – loose, breathable clothing.


Here’s why:
Marrakech, although a very touristy spot, is in a Muslim country. It is rather conservative, and although locals are very accustomed to tourists and do not expect them to wrap up from head to toe, I believe in appealing to the local customs. That is NOT to say you can’t dress exactly as you normally would elsewhere, but understand that you will stand out if you look straight out of Miami Beach. If you’re cool with that, than cool. Go for it.


I have read some articles that say do not go out without your shoulders covered, and frankly I don’t think that’s necessary. Loose dresses above the knees with shoulders showing are fine, but if you’d really like to go incognito, you can cover up more. Just keep it cool, you are going to be HOT. I can’t stress that enough.

Also keep in mind, you are going to be DANCING (if you’re doing it right!) and doing yoga. Be creative, be cute, be cool. Loose, breathable clothing is your best friend in Marrakech.


Head wraps are perfect for the occasion, as they provide shelter from the sun and unmatched style points. At the festival we will have a store with plenty of options to choose from, and someone to help get you wrapped and ready.


I would recommend you stay away from the high heels – difficult to walk in on the uneven streets, and real tough when it comes to getting down with the grooves. If you’re a pro, go for it, but I’d advise against it.


For men

Online you’ll read things that tell you not to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. I will tell you you’re gonna be fine. Personally I wear mainly shorts with t-shirts. It is true that most men here wear pants, but I also see many locals wearing shorts, and I’ve seen a few in tank tops. It comes down to how comfortable you feel. I feel quite comfortable in shorts, however it is certainly less common than wearing pants. That being said, my shorts are modest enough. I don’t rock the 3 inch, vibrant colored shorts, but they hang above the knees a little. Again, it comes down to comfort. The locals are quite used to tourists doing their own thing, but keep it within reason. As long as you’re not being blatantly disrespectful of the culture, nobody will bat an eye.


For everyone

Have fun! Pack light! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to anyone involved with EPIC Yoga festival! This is going to be the time of your life, so make sure you feel great and look good having it!


Peace and Love,


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