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What to see in Cyprus, the sandy mecca

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What to see in Cyprus, the sandy mecca

Cyprus is really the epitome of what people think about when they imagine island vacations. It’s a beautiful, sandy mecca that’s full of pristine beaches, gorgeous natural scenery, critically acclaimed restaurants and a laid-back island life that’s perfect for relaxing. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with Cyprus when you visit, and many visitors find themselves coming back again and again.

There are so many things to do that you’ll never be bored on this island if you don’t want to be!

Go for a Hike

We think one of the best ways to get to know a place is to walk it, and Cyprus has an impressive assortment of hiking trails that take you between little villages inland and on the coast. Be prepared for breathtaking overlooks, fresh sea breeze, and beautiful panoramas. Just don’t forget your water in the summer!

Tour the Island on Two Wheels

If you’re looking for more adrenaline than you can find by walking, or you simply want to cover more ground, you should definitely consider renting a bike and going for one of the many scenic bike rides on the island. There’s a variety of easy, beautiful trails, as well as heart-pumping downhill and enduro courses for even the most intrepid biker.

Go Birdwatching and Catch Sight of a Cyprus Coal Tit

Cyprus is perfectly located to capture a huge array of birds migrating between Europe and Africa, but also is host to a couple endemic species (species which are only found in Cyprus!). If you can’t tell the difference between a boobie and a tit, you can take a guided tour and have a local identify all the species you encounter. If you’re already an expert, then you can join the huge community of birders and maybe even make some friends for life!

Go for a Dive!

Cyprus is quickly becoming a mecca for diving, with crystalline, warm waters and a myriad of underwater attractions including coastal wrecks and underwater caves and tunnels. There are a number of well-respected licensed scuba guides operating out of the island all year round, and taking a trip can be the perfect excuse to get certified if you’re not already!

Take to the Skies with a Kite or Windsurfing Lesson

Cyprus is a great way to take part in one of the world’s fastest growing sports by trying out a kite or windsurfing lesson. If you’re already experienced, this can be a great location to catch some great wind too, with a great trade wind that blows steadily from May to October.

Hit a Hole in One on a PGA Golf Course!

Cyprus is home to a number of world quality golf resorts, but the most notable is the Aphrodite Hills Golf Club which is part of the PGA Tour. For the golf enthusiast it is truly an experience to play on the same 18 holes as the professionals.

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