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Why juicing is good for your body + DIY Recipes

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Why juicing is good for your body + DIY Recipes

So you’ve heard or read all about the wonderful benefits of juicing or going on a ‘juice detox’. When you think of juice detox, what pops into your mind? Maybe you associate it with all the commonly known benefits such as its ability to help boost your immune system !?? … Energy boosting? …. Maybe you know or have heard that it helps to cleanse and detoxify your body? … Weightloss probably comes along with it somewhere!? Yep…they are all the common benefits and they are pretty spot on!

But even though it is great for your body, maybe you may be a bit nervous about the idea of consuming a ‘liquid meal’ and being restricted from eating for long periods of time? Fair enough, these are all thoughts and feelings that can be shared amongst many of us. I personally love food and everything that comes with it; the smell of fried onion and garlic cooking on the stove, getting creative and putting something together with minimal ingredients and the good company that can be shared over food. I value my food and actually look forward to eating a home cooked well-balanced meal 3 times a day and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

But from time to time I get this weird feeling in my tummy where I am constantly heavy and bloated and no matter how much I cut the carbs, minimise portion sizes and eradicate artificial sugars and fats from my diet – I just can’t seem to budge that horrible heavy feeling. Its then, I find a juice detox is the perfect way to give my body a break and hit the reset button.

We at BookingYoga.com have been doing some research and, in addition to the commonly known benefits of juicing, we also wanted to share some of the less known benefits that a juice detox (or even just adding a fresh juice to your already healthy eating plan) can bring to your body…and life even! So put down your coffee and read on…

You can improve your sleeping patterns by juicing fruit and veg that contains melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally released in the body and is what makes us sleepy. Cherries, tomatoes, oranges and bananas all contain melatonin and could be good to include as a dinnertime meal supplement or after dinner instead of desert.
You can increase your mental alertness by juicing plenty of greens during the day. We recommend kale and any green veg combined with sprouts, beetroots, ginger, turmeric or coconut water which are all also great for brainpower!

Here’s a fun fact – Did you know that juicing fruit and vegetables (and seeds or nuts) that is high in calcium is a better way to meet your calcium needs compared to consuming milk and dairy products? Why? Fat content. The ratio of fat to calcium in dairy products is high. Juicing allows us to consume more calcium rich fruit and vegetables, and the fat content is next to nothing. Fruits and vegetables rich in calcium include turnip, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, okra, kale and papaya.

Also, surprisingly sesame seeds have more calcium than any other nuts or seeds. So if you are looking for calcium rich plant based food – sesame seed is your answer!

For our last listed benefit we are going to get a little scientific on you. Juicing helps you alkaline. Getting the body to an alkaline state and keeping it there can pay big dividends for your health and wellbeing. Juicing can help you consume more alkaline foods, which will help swing your body’s pH levels to the alkaline side.

Keep in mind that whether a food is acidic or alkaline depends on how it is processed by the body. That’s why some food that seems acidic, like a lemon for example, can actually have an alkaline effect on the body once consumed. To get the benefits of alkalinity from juicing make sure you are juicing plenty of leafy greens.
So, if you are a ‘virgin juicer’ but are feeling more curious about the benefits (and perhaps a bit nervous about going into a full detox), why not give it a trial at home. We have put together some DIY juice recipes that are sure to get you pro at juicing in no time.

If you are worried that you are going to miss out on some of the loves that, lets face it, we all have over food. Why not team up with a friend, colleague or fellow yogi to join you on your juicing journey and have some fun with it. You can share your experiences and take steps to improve your health and vitality together. Sometimes its the best way to try new things!
Here are some great DIY juicing recipes that you can try at home:

Lean Mean Green Juice

This is a good all-rounder recipe. Not only is it a great detox for your body but also is great for alkalising your body, improving the condition of your skin and boosting energy levels. This one is low in calories and is packed full of leafy greens so it is guilt free. If you are looking for something to fill you between meals (or juices) this is a good one to use!

2 green apples

2 stalks celery

2 lg kale leaves

1 med cucumber

¼ c fresh cilantro/ coriander

½ lemon, peeled

PRESS all ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir and serve immediately.

Liver Cleansing Beetroot Juice

This juice is great for the liver and also a good one for mental alertness and will give you a nice boost of energy. Avoid drinking in this one in the evenings. You might feel to energised to enjoy a good rest.

1 Beetroot

1 Apple

4 Carrots

A bunch of spinach

1 Piece of Ginger (1 inch thick)

PRESS all ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir and serve immediately.

Lemon Ginger Zinger Juice

Rich in antioxidants and a natural decongestant, a good one way to enjoy first thing in the morning to cleanse and decongest before leading into a heavier juice to kick start your day.

3 Apples

2 Carrots

½ Lemon (with rind)

½ Thumb of ginger

PRESS all ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir and serve immediately.

Dozy Delight Juice

This one is rich in melatonin to help you sleep, also a good source of potassium and is super delicious. Be careful with your timing of this one – its aimed to help you relax into the evening and prepare for sleep so avoid it in the mornings.

50g red grapes

50g stone cherries

50g strawberries

2 oranges

PRESS all ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir and serve immediately.

Calcium Booster Juice (minus the dairy)

This one is perfect (especially for those following a vegan based diet) to give your body an extra boost of calcium.

1 apple

2 broccoli stalks

2 celery stalks

2 kale leaves

4 parsley sprigs

PRESS all ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir and serve immediately.

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