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Top Tips on Prenatal and Kid’s Yoga Classes

Practicing yoga while pregnant can be a very intimate and revolutionary experience while kids yoga classes are a specialty of their own. We know that choosing classes during either phase of life can seem daunting, especially if you don’t already have a studio or teacher in mind, so we’ve listed some of the top questions and considerations for your reference below in order to assist you in making the most informed and confident decisions around your prenatal yoga classes or kids yoga classes.

Enjoy and practice safely!

Prenatal Yoga For the Healthy Yogi Mama

Prenatal Yoga is one of the best yoga class inventions in the entire universe. Ok, that is a total opinion and quite possibly an exaggeration, however we are undeniably very enthusiastic about the benefits of a safe yoga practice during the nine months of pregnancy and beyond. Here’s why:

1 – Yoga supports healthy stress levels through stress management.

This means practicing yoga makes for a low stress pregnancy and everyone can agree that low stress is crucial to a healthy birth and baby.

2 – You know what else makes for an easy birth? Strong, flexible muscles!

You’ll be really grateful for all the squats, warrior ones, frog poses, side stretches, padmasana (lotus) and trikonasana (triangle) postures you just did over the last nine months (and, we hope, even before) when is comes time to push!

3 – You’ll probably sign up for a Lamaze class

while carrying a bun in the oven and it is definitely encouraged that you use proper breathing techniques while in labor for your comfort, but did you know that the single most important factor in a balanced and focused yoga practice is also breath? That’s right, your prenatal or pregnancy yoga practice will support your new journey by strengthening your breath through a mindfulness practice!

These are just a few of the wonders of yoga which support a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. Remember, while in a prenatal yoga class you’ll also want to ensure that your expectations from a practice are realistic and you’re not overdoing it. Ample cool down time and props for assistance in addition to special attention from a teacher with experience in prenatal yoga are all highly recommended for a safe and happy prenatal yoga class!

Check the Prenatal Yoga Center website for more information and for the best pregnancy yoga classes in New York City.

Click here for ClassPass recommendations tp the best prenatal yoga classes in London.

Happy stretching!

What to look for in a Kids Yoga Class

Kids Yoga encourages a calm, balanced mind and strong, flexible bodies beginning at a young age. We love that in one hour of playful, engaging yoga-based movement, a child contributes to their future well-being and overall inner peace.

We know that kids are not always the easiest to keep focused and disciplined. They often need high levels of engagement and entertainment, especially in order to successfully begin a new healthy habit such as a yoga practice. Kids also benefit from long term caretaker and teacher relationships where the educator can provide feedback to parents and assistance for long term growth and success. For this reason, we’ve listed a few questions you might like to ask your child’s prospective yoga teacher. You can feel confident you’re choosing the best kids yoga class by asking the following:

What kind of experience do they create in class?

This is really important. A teacher needs to know how to keep kids’ attention and encourage positive attitudes in group classes while encouraging self discipline and self awareness. They should carry themselves with a high level of self respect and an equal measure of kindness towards others as they are setting the example of how to behave while in class and beyond.

What age groups attend the class?

Just like on the playground, sometimes it’s wiser to keep the big kids separate from the tiny tots for safety and comfort of everyone participating. Bigger kids move faster and can be a bit more rowdy, while small children may not be able to keep pace or keep an advanced practice like a teenager can. Inform yourself on age appropriate options in a studio class setting.

What do they do when a child crawls or walks off the mat?

Children, especially young ones, will wander on the slightest impulse and any teacher should know and be comfortable with this. A teacher’s ability to stay focused and maintain awareness of all participants for the sake of everyone’s safety and happiness is crucial to a successful kid’s yoga class. Embracing childrens’ curiosities in a positive way and gently guiding them back to their practice is best!

How long will they be teaching at the studio?

Children can become attached to anyone who becomes a routine part of their life and it is important to know a teacher’s timeline so you can encourage your child’s adaptability. It is also useful for the development of the child’s yoga practice if the desired outcome is for them to progress and evolve with the discipline. Having one yoga teacher guiding a child through their practice on a long term basis is like having a nanny or caretaker who watches them grow and plays a pivotal role in their overall success! Stability is more than just something we find on the mat!

How many years experience do they have? Are they insured?

For obvious safety reasons, these are sustained as vitally important questions for your child’s prospective yoga teacher. In many countries, having coverage of a professional and general liability insurance policy is a requirement to work at a studio and sometimes studios provide this to their teaches while on premises. If they are working as an independent contractor or outside of a studio, it is important to know they have coverage.

Kid’s Yoga Classes in New York City

Here are a few great studios featuring kid’s yoga classes we’ve located in New York City

Karma Kids Yoga
25 West 23rd Street, 3rd floor
New York City, NY 10010
karmakidsyoga.com  (Chelsea)

Bend & Bloom Yoga (Park Slope)
708 Sacket St.
Brooklyn, NY. 11217
(347) 987 3162.

Kid’s Yoga Classes in London

Here, also, are a few yoga studios featuring kid’s classes in London


  1. Young Yogis
  2. Calm for Kids
  3. Yoga House London