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Drop in class at Leef Yoga

LeefYoga & YippieYogaKind, Derde Oosterparkstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Join us for a drop-in class at Leef Yoga. The studio offers a wide range of yoga styles led by highly professional teachers.

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha yoga
  • Pilates
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Yin yoga

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  • All levels
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Yoga gives inner peace, relaxation and health. By not being dragged along by thoughts and fully focusing on your breathing, you increase your awareness and feel calmer. You feel more vital, more powerful, more relaxed and can better deal with situations that come your way.

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  • Group Classes


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Sigrid Paesbrugge, co-owner From an early age I was interested in Eastern wisdom, philosophy and yoga. It did, however, last until my pregnancy before I practiced yoga for the first time. After a good number of years in the business world, the time was ripe for something new. Following my heart and doing what I really wanted. Two passions, yoga and children brought me to child yoga, with Helen Purperhart and so the birth of Yogakind was born! Since 2006 I teach yoga at many locations and still do it with great pleasure. I see how enthusiastic the children are and enjoy their open-mindedness and humor. I immediately wanted to go for it and signed up for the four-year course at the Yoga Academy Amsterdam. The variety to teach both adults and children is great. Parent and child giving yoga lessons together is wonderful to do. For the past two years I have followed the training hormone yoga of Sylvia Mullaart-Bonn and Yoga and Cancer with Josette van Leeuwen. That brought me to what I prefer, people who desperately need something to offer strength and support. For three years I have been running our studio Live Yoga together with Jessica van der Slot, a nice partner and a wonderful place and do what I like most, great!


Jessica van der Slot, co-owner
My interest in yoga and meditation started in my teenage years. I already knew that I wanted to become a yoga teacher, but I wanted to study French first. After my study I started working and traveling. My travels took me to India, where I attended yoga and meditation classes with various teachers. After that I followed several yoga courses: the four-year Yoga Academy Netherlands, a children's yoga training program, the three-year yoga teacher training from Sai Mithra and the Fusionhormoonyoga teacher training from Sylvia Mullaart-Bonn. I have never been taught; every day I learn something new that I can take with me in my lessons. Since 2007 I have been enjoying yoga classes with great pleasure. I am happy and grateful to have been able to make my work my passion and to run LeefYoga together with Sigrid Paesbrugge studio. I also love the sweet people around me, the essential oils of Young Living, love, nature and especially the beach and the sea, flowers, colored clothes, everything with hearts, my retro road bike and nail polish.


Brenda Freijer - yin yoga
About 6 years ago I was looking for 'something' next to my busy job in advertising and as a counterpart to my fanatical running hobby and so came to Vinyasa Yoga. After a few weeks I was up and soon it grew to several days of yoga a week with 'my' yoga teacher Hellen van der Harten. Via Hellen I came into contact with Yin Yoga, at Yin everything fell into place ... The peace and activity, the space and the limitation of your body, but also of your head. I have followed the Yin training (200 hrs RYT) at Yagoy and next year I will assist with the training. I teach Thursday at Leef and regularly at a number of gyms. I also have my own Yin Yoga club with weekly 2 hour workshops. I'd love to see you on the mat at Live!


Sylvia Mullaart-Bonn
As a young mother with two small children, I came into contact with yoga a very long time ago. It was love at first sight. The fact that body and mind are so connected fascinated me immensely. I immersed myself in many yoga styles and went looking through all kinds of training and study into the ultimate yoga form. I discovered that Hathayoga-Okido yoga, Iyengaryoga, Kundalini yoga and Taoist yoga and many other forms have a lot in common. In all those forms I did training and refresher courses. Above all I am fascinated by the possibilities of yoga to give our women's body so much support and relief during menstruation, pregnancy and transition. Throughout all phases of a woman's life, yoga turns out to be our great friend! I specialize in giving yoga for women to influence the hormone system as favorably as possible. Beauty, peace and strength are my mantras and I am very happy to be able to continue my work in this beautiful center after 35 years of Nijmegen!


Ulrike Scholtes As a little girl, I was a real worrier. I pondered about my body, life and my attitude towards my environment. Later, as a student at the art academy and during my anthropology studies, I turned my worries into amazement about the body. Yoga has guided me in all those years and taught me that you can consciously determine your body and thus attitude to life. In 2011 I obtained my yoga teacher certificate in Nepal, where I was trained according to the Satyananda teaching. In this yoga tradition, it is about consciousness in everything you do and a lesson is built up from a series of exercises that focus on the joints, organs and the neuromuscular system. Since then I have years of experience with, among other things, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, but also with other forms of body work from dance and movement theater and many different psychosomatic practice methods. As a result, I developed an undogmatic style, which is a synergy of everything that fascinates me. Recently I started training in body-oriented psychotherapy, with which I want to deepen my knowledge about psychosomatics. I am still amazed; about the body, about the mind and about my environment and this is the biggest source of inspiration for my yoga classes. Yoga is a method to achieve more body awareness, ie reuniting your consciousness (mind) and your body. In my classes I combine smooth and dynamic Vinyasa sequences with quiet exercises full of attention to detail. Both the hard side (yang) and the soft side (yin) of the body are approached. Each lesson has a certain focus and focuses on an anatomical, physiological, psychological or spiritual aspect of our body and daily life. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share my research and fascination with others and to guide them in the research and conscious experience of their body and their self.


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