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Drop in class at Padma Yoga

Freilagerstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland


This is a drop-in class offer at Padma Yoga. The practice focuses on the three pillars of yoga that include body postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.

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Yoga Styles

  • Hatha yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Vinyasa yoga

Class Type

  • Group Classes

The asanas strengthen our body. But they also give us the opportunity to make new experiences and understand our body better.

The breathing exercises provide our body with energy. They massage the internal organs and stimulate their function. Pranayama allows us to connect the mind with the body.

The meditation leads us to inner peace. In meditation you can experience the state of inner peace and draw strength from it for daily challenges.

Jacqueline Amstutz Nearly 20 years ago, I discovered yoga through a book. From my first teacher, I got to know yoga as a holistic discipline. Gradually, I realized how yoga had a positive effect on my life. When I was studying for my university degree, daily practice gave me the energy and stamina I needed to cope with the immense amount of learning without much stress. During pregnancy, yoga accompanies me until during birth, during which I was able to benefit from the breathing exercises. At the end of 2014, I completed the comprehensive training, which has 670 hours, at Yoga Switzerland. My teaching style My lessons include asanas, pranayama, and during the longer lessons, mindfulness exercises and meditations. The asanas are held for a few seconds, but I also like to integrate smaller flows, where we line up asanas in the flow of inhalation and exhalation. It is important to me to teach a yoga for all, for beginners as well as for the experienced, younger and older, mobile and less mobile. I pay attention to an exact alignment in the asanas and adjust the body positions to the students and use aids such as blocks and straps. In addition to my training, I have visited retreats and workshops at Sivananda, Patrick Tomatis, Rosmarie Herczog and Shiva Rea. Most recently, I completed an 80h Yoga Alliance training in Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers and took a PhD in Ashtanga Yoga. Ronald Steiner and further training in yoga therapy with Remo Rittiner. In the spring of 2016, I attended the training for children's yoga teacher with Thomas Bannenberg. Jacqueline Amstutz, dipl. Yoga teacher YS / BYU, member of the EMfit quality label


Lucie Pasquier
I attended my first yoga class at the London School "the Circus Space" when I trained as a circus artist. I really liked the weekly lessons and quickly started integrating yoga elements into my warm-up program. After a serious accident, yoga has become more important in my life. At first it was part of rehabilitation, then it gradually became a way of life. As my circus career came to an end, I naturally turned to yoga. At the end of 2012 I completed the comprehensive training at Yoga Switzerland. Since then I have attended various further education courses. Among other; Pranayama at Yoga Studium, Perinatal Yoga at Birthlight, Yoga from spiraldynamic point of view with Claudia Güggenbühl. My teaching style: I playfully bring together individual asanas and perform them in the river. I combine breathing and movement, strength and flexibility, inner silence and liveliness. I use my experience as a circus performer to create acrobatically inspired lessons in which I want to lead my students to a new self-understanding and more balance. What fascinates me most about yoga is the principle of learning from experience. The learner not only studies the theory, he experiments and uses all senses. That means the unity of all aspects of being human. Breath, concentration, movement, singing, everything becomes a prayer.


The passion for yoga is, among other things, what gives me energy and joy. The fascination of bringing body and soul to a common level has been with me for many years. Even as a young woman, I have dealt with mediation and try to practice it every day for about 10 minutes. In this way I came to Yoga. The yoga gives me additional strength, balance, endurance and the necessary energy and serenity to cope with the stress of everyday life. The daily yoga practice helps me to find my own center and thus to inner peace. At the moment I'm working on the two-year Ayur Yoga teacher training, among others with Remo Rittiner, which includes 320 lessons. At the beginning of next year I will start with the Ayur Yoga Therapy training, also with Remo Rittiner, which includes 300 lessons. In addition to my education I visit two yoga lessons per week (90 minutes and 75 minutes) and visit workshops. My Lesson Style My lessons include mindfulness exercises, asanas, pranayama, and meditations. I start each lesson with a mindfulness exercise, followed by the asanas that are performed in the rhythm of the breath, which will keep you moving. As you wish, I build in small flows. Finally, I lead a meditation. "Man does not adapt to yoga, but yoga adapts to man." I teach according to this motto, because I think everyone should be able to practice yoga. Let me show you what yoga can do for your body and mind.


I’m a passionate ashtanga yoga practitioner, runner and an ever-optimist.Sport was always part of my life. Since my childhood I have always been in move: gymnastics, fencing, aerobics, spinning, pilates and running. When I got my aerobics instructor diploma I didn’t think that once I would emerge in the world of yoga. A difficult situation in my life needed for finding the way to yoga. After trying many styles I went to an ashtanga yoga class. I felt that I found what I was looking for: the inner peace and the physical strength at the same time. I will always be thankful to my master, Ricardo Martinez to guide me. At that time I didn’t think of becoming a yoga teacher. First my teachers tried to convince me to become a yoga teacher. Later my friends asked me to join my practices and that was the moment when I decided to participate in a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow style. The course was led by Judit Varga. After completing the teacher training I put a stress on self-development and I regularly participate in workshops, classes and retreats. About my classes: I teach my classes in vinyasa flow style, which is a dynamic style and supports the individual variations and modifications of the poses and the use of props. The asanas are arranged in sequences and held for a relatively short time, about 5-7 breaths. The practice focuses on linking the movement with the breath and keeping the flow or in other words it’s not only the destination that counts, the journey itself is as important as the arrival. The sequences are linked with the so-called vinyasa, which is a sequence of poses based on Sun Salutation. I start my classes with a grounding (often with a mental or spiritual theme) that helps the students to arrive and to be present in their practice. Then the warm-up prepares the body for the more intense and challenging asanas. After the Sun Salutations we continue with the asanas ordered in sequences usually with a peak pose that is linked to our mental theme. The class closes with relaxation that creates a new balance and recharges our batteries.



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