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Drop in class at PUUR voor Lichaam en Geest

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Welcome to Puur for a drop-in class. Yin Yoga at PUUR is not about performance or flexibility. You can be who you are. The lessons are small in size, with PURE personal attention and guidance is central. Together we will carefully explore the different areas and you will discover where the border lies with you.

Yin Yoga is a quiet form of yoga where you work with the space your body offers you. The Yin focuses on connective tissue level, joints and exerts influence on the body field. By adopting different static postures (asanas) the connective tissue is stretched and stimulated. This stretch or pressure stimulates the cells of the connective tissue to produce more hyaluronic acid. In this way the connective tissue and the joints are hydrated. This leads to a more vital body.
Yin Yoga classes are very suitable for both young and old and can be practised before or after a busy day. With this, you create a moment of relaxation for yourself. The Yin helps well with de-stressing, vague aches, an injury, and rehabilitation. The movements in the lesson are calm and challenging passive, the muscles are relaxed. In addition to ‘rejuvenating’, the effects of Yin are a more flexible, energetically more stable, more agile and mentally, physically and emotionally balanced body and a stronger mind.

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