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Drop in class at Yoga Studio Yogisi

Yoga Studio Yogisi, Grubenstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland


Come and join us at Yoga Studio Yogisi for a drop-in class and make your practice in Studio Yogisi even more relaxed

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Yoga Styles

  • Hatha yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Yin yoga

Class Type

  • Group Classes
Vinyasana Yoga Flows, Pranayama & Ayurvedic Workshops in Small Groups in Zurich. For the regeneration, strengthening and relaxation of your body.
Isabelle Stüssi Already as a child I came into contact with yoga and Hinduism during family visits in Mauritius. At the beginning of my ethnology and film studies, I stood on the mat for the first time and have never stopped since. That was fifteen years ago. During my professional career with Swiss film distributors, as a film editor at SRF, and as a freelance journalist, I completed the yoga education course according to the Yoga Alliance System. My classes are dynamically influenced by the vinyasa style. I attach great importance to the orientation of the poses. Kundalini pranayama and exercises are my eclectic style with a focus on regeneration and strengthening of the body.


Daniela Hofmann
Yoga has been part of my life since 2006. I tried different styles of yoga until 2014, when I came into contact with Kundalini Yoga - taught by Yogi Bhajan - for the first time. Wow! That was something new and unknown to me. I immediately sensed that this style was tailored to me. Since then, the various techniques with his mantras, active kriyas and meditations have surprised me over and over again. The exercises are simple, workable for everyone and do not require previous knowledge. The best? They work immediately. From my own practice, I know that kundalini yoga has the power to change your life for the better. The philosophy and techniques of Kundaliniyogas are a precious gift to me and it is an honor to share and share this teaching.


Viviane Aubert
I'm a trained Hathayoga teacher, but I like to bring a flow into the sequences with playful elements - Flowy Hatha, stop. In my classes, we focus on what a pose feels like and not what it should look like. That's why they are suitable for every level, every fitness and every movement. My goal is that you feel good about my classes and are ready for the challenges that life brings. Viviane teaches in English or English if desired.


Stefanie Schaad
In my classes, we learn to do our body better with classical yoga exercises and mindfulness - mindfulness. By focusing attention on physical and mental experiences, we strengthen the familiarity with our body, get to know its possibilities and limitations better and contribute to the unity of body and mind. Yoga and mindfulness teach and accompany me in my everyday life. They keep me fit, supple and satisfied. The entry into my classes is possible at any time and I look forward to every new face. Stefanie teaches German and English.


Olesia Incarbone - Since childhood, dance and exercise has been an important part of my life. As a supplement, I regularly practiced Thai Chi. When I attended my first yoga class fifteen years ago, it was clear to the class that yoga would accompany me forever. Today, yoga is not just a passion but also a way of life. I teach Hatha Yoga with a focus on breathing and how it affects the inner and outer posture. My special concern is to pass on yoga in a gentle way. I want to pick up my students where they need it most. Because it does not matter how deep you go in a position. It is more important to feel what each exercise triggers - both physically and emotionally.


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