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Drop-in class at Yoga Weeks Barcelona’s Rooftop

40, Carme street Pral-2


The Yoga Weeks Rooftop hosts daily yoga classes for sunset as well as events related with Yoga and its lifestyle.

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Yoga Styles

  • Vinyasa yoga

Focus on

  • Asanas
  • Breathing
  • Meditation

Class Type

  • Group Classes


  • Yoga mats
Classes have a duration of 60” aproximately and include the practice of different postures (asanas) with the breathing (pranayama) and a final relaxation (Shavasana)
ANAÏS GIBERT French girl living in Barcelona who started practicing yoga in China… My two passions, yoga and travel have indeed been tied from the very start. Some years ago, I left France to travel the world and almost immediately fell in love with yoga. I guess it was the right time for me to find this
wonderful tool, helping me to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. From then, I had the chance to practice in the most beautiful places on earth, with the most amazing teachers that gave me so much more than “just yoga classes” and it actually literally changed my life… In 2014, I felt it was time for me to deepen my practice and knowledge and I chose to take a 200h Yoga Teacher Training @ Byron Yoga Centre in one of the most wonderful coastal places in Australia, Byron Bay. After that wonderful experience I started teaching Hatha Vinyasa yoga classes, trying to bring yoga where it was not practiced and much needed, especially in the corporate world. My classes focus on the breath, body awareness and flowing movements and combine strength and flexibility work. I’m really looking forward to broadening my exposure to yoga and sharing with you on and off the mat!


I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and it was 15 years ago when the road and the passion towards the practice of Yoga started. Whilst still in Uruguay I took a course of Raja Yoga Instructor and in 2006 I decided to change my residence to Barcelona. In 2012 I went to India to further deepen my teaching skills. I enrolled the Hatha Yoga Training School, Patanjali International Yoga Foundation with Hatha Yoga master, Jitendra Das in Rishikesh. Dance has always been an inspiration in my life, venturing from my early youth in the practice of contemporary, African, salsa and Arabic dance among others. Thus, my blessing meeting Shakti Dance, which is a sacred dance that has its roots in Kundalini Yoga.The practice of Shakti dance is based on harmonic motion linked to breathing. In 2014 I decided to certify in Shakti Dance with Sara Avtar. Currently I offer classes in both disciplines, Hatha Vinyasa and Shakti Dance , that although different, they have the same goal; being more aware and healthy, to help live in harmony with ourselves and with everything around us.


I have always been a lover of sports and movement; constantly involved in various physical activates. Forever curious about the body’s abilities and the potential it has. I took up yoga to gain better flexibility and mobility in my body to excel in my hobbies. Over the years I realized that yoga had a lot more to offer than just a deeper stretch. Getting involved with Yoga gave me the space to slow down to learn and observe my body keeping her motivated, healthy and balanced. In 2013, with nearly ten years of English teaching experience, I felt that it was time for a change. After completing her masters in Linguistics I signed up for my 200hr yoga teacher training. I wanted to take my expertise in the language classroom and apply it to my passion for physical activity. I traveled to Thailand and completed my 200hr teacher training and the following summer I completed her Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher trainin. Followed by the Air Aerial Fitness (Los Angeles) and the Swaha Aerial Yoga teacher trainings. A more acrobatic expression of yoga; I finds that aerial yoga brings all different aspects of all the things she loves to do together. Teaching allows me to share my love for yoga with other people and enable them to find a healthier and peaceful self.


In my former career I was a political scientist, working in an international company in Vienna (Austria), where I am from. As I am a very active person, I always did a lot of sports and once I got more familiar with Yoga and started practicing a lot, I got really passionate about it and decided to quit my job to dedicate my life to Yoga and Dance – one of my best decisions ever! I obtained my Hatha Teacher Training in Vienna and simultaneously I started a contemporary dance education. Since then I am teaching Yoga, Contemporary Dance as Yoga & Dance (with elements of contemporary dance) and I make dance projects (mainly performances in public spaces with life music) in different parts of the world. My classes are dynamic and fluid. I focus on the alignment and the connection between movements and breathing. I combine Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and exercises from my dance background. I include breathing and strengthening postures as well as postures to improve flexibility through releasing into the position. I look forward to meeting you on the mats!


LEONARDO MOGGIA - Yoga has been a constant practice for me for over 10 years now. I started practicing yoga in Chile, where I am from and finally became a Yoga Teacher 2 years ago. I obtained my certification (200hrs) In Mysore, India. I have also followed special trainings and workshops with recognised teachers around the world. My classes of Hatha Vinyasa are very dynamic and strongly inspired in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method. Postures are developed through movements which interlink one asana from another, focusing in the use of breathing and bandhas, to protect our body and keep our mind flowing through the class


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