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Drop in class at Yogaholics United Studio

Yogaholics United, Heinrichstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland


Drop in and practice yoga! Yogaholics United are open-minded & dedicated people. We love yoga and everything that comes with it: nourishing food, great music, cool clothing, interesting books and positive vibes. For us it’s about fun, intension, hard work and unlocking hidden potential.

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Yoga Styles

  • Anusara yoga
  • Bikram yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Hot yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Yin yoga

Class Type

  • Group Classes


  • Air conditioning
In ancient times, a system of physical and mental exercises were developed to fulfill people’s desire for personal freedom and greater health. There are many schools of yoga, and even more yoga postures that date back over 5000 years ago. At Yogaholics United, our goal is to continue the various yoga traditions by providing a place where people can come together and forget about their daily stress.
KARIN CIRCELLI-ZEMP I always had a thing for movement – I even talk with my hands! I discovered yoga long time ago, when I just needed more time for myself to heal my body and mind after a burn out. I gave Bikram Hotyoga a go, a style of yoga that still is one of my favourites among many other yoga traditions. I completed my first Teacher Training (Bikramyoga) in 2009, years later followed by a 200hrs Hatha yoga training, 50hrs backbend trainig by Master Dev Kapil and Yin Yoga Training with Josh Summers. Eager to learn more, I continuously read, and take classes and workshops from teachers all over the world. I draw inspiration from each and every student in my class, always aware of not watering down any traditions. I like precise instructions, strong classes which allow softness to create the space in the body, mind and heart.


During drama school one of my favorite acting teacher told me that my spine would be beyond repair. „Watch and learn“, I thought and two days later I was standing in my first Bikram yoga class. Pretty soon it wasn’t about proving anybody wrong anymore. Yoga started to change my life. The practice helps me find balance in my turbulent professional work as an actress. Yoga helps me to find a deeper connection to my body, a way into the “Now”. From the first day I sticked to a regular routine. At the beginning I was focused especially on the Bikramyoga series but soon I started exploring other styles. In spring 2014 I decided to attend the Bikramyoga Teacher training. Since then I had the opportunity to teach in many different places from Hawaii to the West Coast in the USA, Spain and Switzerland. Yoga makes me happy and that’s why I wish to share it.


From Vancouver, to Cape Town, to Hawaii, and finally Zurich, my interest in yoga has spread into other types of practices, which all influence my classes and my own practice. Since attending teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in Honolulu in 2007, yoga has seen me through physical discomfort, emotional difficulties, and two pregnancies too. I have taught at many Bikram Yoga studios throughout my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, and at Bikram Yoga Zurich. I also love practicing Vinyasa, Anusara and Yin yoga. Expect a fun and challenging class with the physical practice and maybe even yourself. I also hope to honour each individuals’ body and limits and to encourage you to find strength you didn’t know you had.


My story is quite uncomplicated: Nine years ago my wife asked me whether we wanted to “go to yoga” together. I must admit, I was rather skeptical and immediately had images in my mind of people sitting in a circle, meditating and singing or better “oom-ing” and bending. But, what a surprise, it wasn’t like that at all – my first Bikram Hotyoga lesson was an absolute hit. Soon after that I tried different yoga styles: Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa etc. It never got easier, but I got a little better every time. For me, Yoga remains hard training which improves my concentration, makes me more patient and supports my mobility – even if there is still a long road ahead :). Mid-2015, I completed the Rainbow Yoga Kids Yoga Teacher Training in London. Teaching children yoga packaged in a playful way is not only great fun for me but also helps the kids to be more focused and flexible. Shortly after that, I completed the 200 hours Hatha Yoga Training with Master Dev Kapil.


MICHELLE GRANT - I first discovered yoga 15 years ago while at university in Australia. Interestingly, it was not the physical asana practice that caught my attention, but rather the pranayama exercises. I was amazed how such simple breathing techniques could completely shift my state of mind and help me to stay grounded in stressful times. After that I started to explore all kinds of yoga styles – Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini…. you name it I tried it! – until I discovered my “home” with vinyasa flow. I love that this style embraces creativity and personal expression, while still being grounded in alignment and theory. Wanting to deepen my practice, I undertook my teacher training in Bali in 2011. In the process discovered a passion for teaching, which I have continued to do ever since. I love teaching classes that are dynamic, syncing breath, movement and good music, while being grounded in safe and intelligent alignment. My intention is to offer classes that help others experience what I love most about yoga – the opportunity to create mental, physical and emotional space where you can find both strength and contentment. See you on the mat!


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