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Drop-in yoga class at LAVA Yoga Singapore

East Coast Road, Lava Yoga Singapore @ 112 Katong, Singapore


At Lava Yoga Singapore, all our classes are suitable for beginners, follow at your own pace and take the suitable options given.

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha yoga
  • Hot yoga
  • Power yoga

Class Level

  • Advanced
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
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Connect your mind with your body and increase your self-awareness with our different programs. Our classes appeal to the five senses through the unification of Music & Yoga in a heated room.

Class Type

  • Group Classes
MELLY - I came to yoga without any intention. One of my friends invited me attend a yoga class. It wasn’t love at the first sight because I gave up halfway through the class. But I had a very good sleep after that. For someone who had insomnia, I was amazed with how my body felt after attending only half the session. Since then I kept going back to Yoga Class. Slowly but surely, Yoga helped me to balance my life. More than physical, Yoga improves my spirituality. It grounds me. It centers me. It reminds me that I am enough and it makes me the best possible version of me that I can be. I teach yoga because it allows me to share with others the joy of what my practice has brought me.


I started my yoga journey 5 years ago. My first class was at Lava Yoga Japan. I went with a friend who was depressed, as I heard that yoga is good for treatment of depression. I have never felt so good in my life after attending the class. I feel in love with the art. I started to view things differently since I practiced yoga. I can be myself. I have also stopped comparing myself with others. I believe that yoga is not only about poses. Yoga is like life. We need a balance and when to hold on and when to let go. Yoga reminds me of what I want.


I first stepped into my yoga class in 2008 on a quest to lose weight. I started my yoga journey with hot yoga practice and has been practicing it ever since. Through yoga, I love how it helps me to improve my health, increased my inner awareness with body and mind. After years of practicing, what started as a pursuit for health became to evolve into something much deeper. I attended my first vinyasa teacher training in 2014, ready to share my love to yoga with others. I hope yoga will benefit the lives of others as much as it has helped me.


I have always been a sporty person in the sense that I have always been active in some type of sport since I was a child – from track and field in primary school, to basketball in secondary school, to hip hop dance club in my polytechnic days, to running marathons and weight lifting in my twenties. Also, I have always wanted to be healthy and feel good about my body but I only knew one way to ‘get in shape’, and that was to run myself to exhaustion. Yoga involves so much more than just asana – it is an entire way of living mindfully. I have learned to let go and give up striving for perfection in asana, and this makes me look forward to my time on the mat that much more. Eventually, I realised that yoga also helps me to see the truth in my own heart, to be more aware, and to live in the present moment.


COLLEEN I was a former dancer and was also dance instructor. I have been dancing since 1995 and practicing yoga since 2014. I am a minimalist and an artistically inclined person, who likes to keep things simple and comfortable. Yoga is a great complement to dance. Teaching yoga allows me to share and connect to people, which I love! Yoga has relieved me of back pain and injuries. I've learnt through yoga to always stay grounded and always be on a continuous learning journey (Jnana Yoga). Yoga has taught me to stay real to who I am.


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