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Introductory offer: 10 classes valid for one month

Lauriergracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Conscious Club studio offers new students an introductory pass of 10 yoga classes valid for one month.

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Yoga Styles

  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Jivamukti yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Meditation
  • Nidra yoga
  • Qi gong
  • Restorative yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Yang yoga
  • Yin yoga

Class Type

  • Group Classes
Our vision at The Conscious Club is to raise spiritual and environmental consciousness and create space for individual and collective transformation. We wish to empower people to discover and share their natural gifts. We aim to be an ever-flowing resource of wisdom and inspiration, connecting people on all levels.
Amber Jagers - Hatha Amber aspires to help people reconnect to their inner world and encourages them to express their uniqueness – on and off the yoga mat. Being a dynamic woman that loves to dance and move – yoga helped her to also find stillness and feel more grounded. This exploration made her decide to immerse herself fully into Yoga and follow a Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. After the training she founded her own little yoga school a small town on the Caribbean and started teaching daily to both locals and tourists. She returned to Amsterdam in 2015 and continued her studies. Among others correct alignment in asanas, Ayurveda Nutrition, Ayuryoga and Yoga therapy. Yoga therapy enables her to use yoga as a tool for people who suffer from stress, trauma, depression and psychosis. All the knowledge and experience she gained through her studies are interwoven within in her classes. Her teachings are very allround and suitable for beginner and more intermediate yogis.


Arielle Brouwer - Qigong Flow
Arielle is trained in QiGong by master Kong Mien Ho at the Wújí Instituut voor Taiji Quan, Kung Fu en Qi Gong in Amstelveen. Starting out as an actress, she discovered martial arts in 1984 at the Amsterdam Theatre School, as a wonderful method to ‘act from the empty space within’. To be embodied, in presence, grounded, and clear of mind at once. Open and with heightened awareness, active and receptive, with Yang and Yin in dynamic balance. From the external Wushu form, she soon changed to practicing more internal forms, like Taiji Quan and spontaneous movement, (yet also did yoga, modern dance, aerobics, etc), and finally chose for QiGong as her favorite daily practice, a source of health, happiness and wisdom. In 2017 her master, Amien Ho, granted her the permission to teach QiGong. Arielle has previously worked as an actor, drama-teacher, interactive theatre developer, and role-play performer. She nowadays works as an independent consultant, leadership & communication trainer for organizations, career & life coach for professionals, dreamwork coach for individuals, and qigong teacher. She loves her children, cats, cooking meals, and walking (and working!) in nature. She’s part of the Center for Human Emergence NL (purpose: integral societal innovation), and volunteering in citizen participation, dialoguing, and energetic fieldwork.


Barbara Falorni - Yin Yoga
Hallo! My name is Barbara Falorni. I was born in Italy, studied art history and travelled around as a theater performer before arriving in Amsterdam in 1995. My two children were born short after and I dedicate myself to my family first, getting to know the language and the country. The chance to run a child care came to my path and being a yoga practitioner myself, i got a degree in children yoga and baby massage and implement this practices in the daily routine of the children. The need for personal growth and my constant curiosity brought me to develop further in these skills and I became a massage therapist. About 3 years ago I came across Thomas Myers and the Anatomy Trains, got extremely fascinated about his view on fascia, start practicing yin yoga, then following a 200 hours teacher training. Soon it became clear how my life experiences were actually complementary : body anatomy, fascia releasing, yin yoga, spiritual insights, shamanism melted in an organic form of work . Both in massage sessions and in classes I create and hold the space, allowing thebody to becomeaware of his acquired patterns, open and possibly release the memories, tensions, knowledge and wisdom retained in his textures. Shifting from doing to feeling, from controlling the proces to let it unfold, from yang to yin we restore and regenerate the balance between body, mind and energy. Lets practice together and celebrate life!


Cristina Guerra - Hatha Flow & Chakra Meditation
For the past eleven years yoga has been my balance-point and a way of resolving some health issues which conventional medicine had said were incurable. After an intense 500HYTT in Hatha Vinyasa certified by Yoga Alliance, light came to me and my life has since changed. Since 2014, I have been travelling around South-East Asia and Australia practicing Yoga. I then decided to return to my European roots and chose Amsterdam as the community in which I wish to share the Yoga techniques that have assisted me in overcoming my limitations with a peaceful state of mind and the sequences that help to energetically balance our busy daily lives. In my belief, awareness within yourself is the best way to evolve, insomuch that the connection with the breath is my focus for the Flows, Restorative Yoga, or the start of any Meditation. As the tantric tradition says, ‘Controlling the breath fluctuations stops the polarisation of the mind’. I have since undertaken more training to deepen my knowledge in white tantric Meditation, Krya Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. I am currently teaching Hatha Flow and Meditation, and look forward to further evolving in my yoga through teaching.


Cristina Repas - Ashtanga Yoga Cristina was born in Lisbon, Portugal. s a child, driven by her older brothers, she started practicing Karate, a practice that she kept in her teen and adult years having graduated 2nd black belt. She then moved to Amsterdam in 2006, where she was introduced to Yoga, maybe because she felt that Yoga and Karate had much in common. Ashtanga Yoga was the one that stole her heart and where she felt right at home. Claudia Pradella and Eva Ugolini were two of the great teachers that initiated her in the Ashtanga path and later on she found in Rolf Naujokat her true teacher with whom she continues to practice every year in Goa, India. She finds in her teaching her way to contribute to a better world, never forgetting she will always remain a student.


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