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Introductory offer valid for 3 weeks

Hot Yoga Hellerup, Strandvejen, Hellerup, Denmark


Welcome to Hot Yoga Hellerup! This is our best offer for you. You can come as often as you want for 3 weeks to all our classes.

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  • Bikram yoga
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  • Yin yoga

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  • Group Classes
Our goal is that you will enjoy everyday life with peace, energy and strength. Our talented instructors and warm and welcoming environment provide you a good basis for this. In here, there is no need to compete with anyone but yourself. All the staff at Hot Yoga Hellerup, are driven by a passionate commitment and a personal approach, which makes each class unique. Therefore there must be room for everyone, at all levels and of all ages! You will be challenged – but you should also have fun!
Claus Bach I am a qualified physiotherapist and personal trainer. I have previously played basketball on elite level and later worked as a physical trainer for the Danish basketball national team. Through the exploration of many different types of exercise, as well as my experience as a physiotherapist, I have understood the great importance of taking advantage of the great motion potential of the body, where the goal is to balance between strength, agility and stability. I cultivate Bikram Yoga next to my physical workout that varies from Gymnastics to weightlifting, as well as movement of the body in all sorts of forms. I have the approach to training that it should be functional and at the same time I try to make it inspiring, motivating and varied without compromising on quality.


Molly Bjerregaard
Born & Raised in Northern California. That heart lead me to Denmark where I met my husband while being an Au Pair. Since then I returned shortly to the US to become certified as a Bikram yoga teacher in Las Vegas, fall 2009. What life has taught me thus far is that, nothing lasts forever, the present is just that a gift so be thankful for it, enjoy the people around you for they are some of the greatest teachers you’ll ever have and learning is fun. I am currently studying at Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen within Global Health & Nutrition. As of right this second Denmark is home and I have acclimated as best I can to the climate, but I must credit Bikram yoga with assisting in that- getting some nice heat daily keeps me sane and happy.


Fie Lohse
I had my first Bikram class in Bikram Yoga Lower East Side Manhattan in New York in 2009. I had started my actor training when a girl from my class took me to Bikram Yoga LES where she taught. I am eternally grateful to her. My first class was like so many others incredibly tough and I remember clearly that during class I thought: ‘This I’ll never do again!’ But that did not happen. Already an hour after I came crawling out of the room, I could feel this was something special and I could not get enough. In the spring of 2011, I went to teacher training at LAX. Since then I have taught in Copenhagen, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles and has the past year taught in Aarhus. Bikram Yoga has changed my life for the better. Everything from fixing old injuries in my ankles and knees, stiff hips and sore joints, giving more energy, improved mood and greater happiness. In 2015 I took a Yin Yoga training education.


Rebecca Bannor-Addae
I came across Bikram yoga, when I lived in New York. The winters were cold, very cold, and it fascinated me to see people come out from this yoga studio by my subway station, sweating. I also had to try. My first class and many thereafter was a living hell, to be honest. Despite the effort, I felt, however, that the challenges made me feel good: I slept like a baby at night, froze less and became more aware of how body and mind are interrelated. From New York I moved to west- and central Africa in relation to my work as a writer for the UN. In 2010, I became a Bikram yoga instructor. In addition to yoga classes, am I doing documentary radio and other audio projects. See you in the hot room!


Susanne Perlheden I took my first Bikram Yoga class in Malmö January 2009 and I was hooked. I have had problem in my shoulders and neck for a long time and this was the first time I could feel a release. I started to practice every day until I went to Teacher Training in San Diego, USA, fall 2010. Teaching and practicing Bikram Yoga has taken my on a special and ongoing journey. I have explore different Yoga styles and did Paul Grilley`s Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Cruz, California. It was life changing experience and I feel at home with Yin Yoga.


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