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Trial Class at Antara Yoga Berlin

antarayoga, Berliner Allee, Berlin, Germany


he body feels lighter, more relaxed, farther and more balanced. The breath is deep and calm, headache subsides, the blood pressure drops. The chattering voice in the head is silent, muscles and joints are more mobile, the eyesight is a bit sharper, the colors a bit more intense. Warning: Yoga can lighten bad mood.

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha yoga
  • Meditation
  • Vinyasa yoga

Class Level

  • All levels
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our body – your yoga. Everybody has its own needs. Therefore, therapists or teachers should develop their own appropriate method for each client. This is my approach in creating your yoga for you. My goal is to bring the wisdom of the ancient yoga tradition into our modern context and make it as accessible as possible. I incorporate somatic techniques *. Depending on what your body needs. This way, pain can be eliminated in the long term and the level of stress can be significantly reduced. And it’s fun too. Because it’s your body – your yoga.

I offer yoga groups on specific topics as well as individual therapy . 10 minutes daily practice. In the training, I show you how to fill these 10 minutes effectively and with pleasure.

In the context of prevention, my Hatha yoga basic course is certified as a prevention course and can be subsidized by the health insurance companies.

Focus on

  • Arms Balance
  • Asanas
  • Breathing
  • Meditation

Class Type

  • Group Classes


  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga props
  • Yoga studio
Robert Winter avid Somanaut, Embodied Yoga Enthusiast Years ago, as a player in a theater company, I participated in a workshop that started with a movement unit. I was stunned by the well-being that came with me and still remembering how I thought "every day such a round of exercise and I feel really good". It was not sport, it did not only good for the body, but also for the soul - an early experience of the unity of body, emotions and spirit. In this direction, I always felt yearning, even if my path led me first into the academic realm of the spirit. Following longing, I looked around at Tai Chi, Kung Fu, dancing, singing and sounding and NLP, Gestalt and The Work of Byron Katie. So it was only natural that I discovered yoga, an approach that emphasizes the unity of body, breath and mind. And what I found on my way should be valid. In my involvement with Gestalt Therapy, I was struck by the phrase, "The therapist is the stirrup-holder for the client." In the yoga tradition this means: The teacher is like the rice farmer who opens the dam so that the field is watered at the right time ... the rice then grows by itself. I am trained at the Berlin Yogazentrum in the tradition of Krishnamacharya / Desikachar, a yoga style, the movement and breath precisely coordinated. It is practiced dynamically and statically, depending on how it fits into the practice. Great attention is paid to the intelligent composition of the practice. A special feature of this yoga tradition is the adaptation to the needs of the group or the individual. For this reason, this way of practicing is also predestined for individual therapy. The view over the garden fence has always fascinated me. In my training as a somatiker at the Somatic Academy Berlin, I was able to look in detail in the neighboring gardens and one or the other fruit finds its way into my work as a yoga teacher. In my yoga classes , we become body researchers together and embark on a journey. Everyone has their own goal and the path does not follow a rigid scheme. I am your competent companion to find balance, healing, peace, connectedness, strength, health or relaxation. Therefore, in the antara there is a clear, earthbound yoga. I build the bridge from the yoga tradition to Berlin in the 21st century. That's what antara means to me: between tradition and now, Orient and Occident, being on the move, opening.






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