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Weekend Masterclass With Les Leventhal Yoga

Málaga, Spain


Yoga with Les is like yoga with no other. Rich, raw and real, you are left amazed by his ability to reach your mind, body and soul.

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Yoga Styles

  • Hatha yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama

Focus on

  • Asanas
  • Chakras
  • Clinic postures
  • Hip openers
  • Inversions

Class Type

  • Master classes
  • Special Event


  • Wifi
  • Yoga mats
THE MASTERCLASS: Friday 4th (6.30 p.m - 8.30 p.m) During this masterclass we will sweat, we will sing, we will dance and we will laugh with the teachers of joy, challenge, love and confusion – “all the while seeking a sweet surrender into Savasana. This masterclass is the perfect opportunity for students, from beginning practitioner to intermediate/advanced students and teachers, to drop in, dive in and go deeper into exploring everything that is possible with their practice. The asana practice is mindfully sequenced so that the basics are covered for newer students and the seasoned practitioner can play on their edges with many variations and up­-levels to practice throughout. Les tends to begin his masterclass on a Friday evening, serving as the opening to a weekend of workshops. As students become familiar with his playful yet powerful teaching style, they are taken on a personal journey over the course of a few days of interesting and surprising transformation that has no limits. CHANNELING THE CHAKRAS 1 AND 2:  Saturday 5th (11 a.m - 1.30 p.m) Flow through a series of standing sequences incorporating Hips and Twists. Tribe, Archetypes, Connection to Earth, Manifesting, Creativity, Sensuality, Sexuality, Personal Power, Money.  These are many of the ingredients associated with first and second chakra. A powerful standing sequence to ground and liberate the hips, and free the spine to relieve tension in these areas of the body. This is key to cultivating more harmonious relationships with ourselves and others. Where relationships flow freely. This practice will infuse the body with vitality and well­being, releasing tension and fear. Incorporating a focus on Hips and Twists will tone and rejuvenate the abdominal and pelvic regions. When these regions are engaged, blood flow naturally increases and toxins are released – a natural internal massage. Once we relax and strengthen these areas, we can approach questions regarding belief patterns, superstitions, healing compromising behaviors, unfinished business, creativity, codes of honor, authority and control. CHANNELING THE CHAKRAS 3 AND 4: Saturday 5th (4 p.m - 6.30 p.m) Danceplay with Arm Balances and Backbends. Personal Power, Emotional Power and Collaboration. This fun and liberating workshop opens us up to how we treat ourselves and how we might present ourselves to make it appear as if all of our relationships are always in perfect alignment with our own desires. A place to come home, to utilize our personal power, and radiate out through our limbs, feeling supported by what’s connected to the earth and equally supported by that which is not Welcoming our knowledge of when and where we are able, or stuck, in our collaborations or emotional perceptions. Working the fire ingredient, we invite the playfulness of Arm Balances and Inversions, dancing with some fear, challenge, yet very fun poses to practice. Strengthening the core to support arm balances; building upper body strength to support and build healthier wrists, elbows and shoulders, engaging legs, so they don’t take refuge in Savasana. The collaboration pieces are heart openers (backbends), some of yoga’s most exhilarating postures. We will open the front body, with emphasis on the heart center. The weaving of these postures will bring your heart chakra back into balance and harmony. We will explore many different ways of working with and without props, along with physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of a backbend and effortless surrender. CHANNELING THE CHAKRAS 5, 6 & 7: Sunday 6th (11 a.m - 1.30 p.m) Pranayama & Meditation Communication, Visualization, Thinking Working several different practices of pranayama and forms of meditation, we will guide you to wake up to the wandering mind, which begins to create awareness and cultivates more focus and clarity in our lives. As we move in to the upper chakras, the ethers, we are guided towards communication, whether we talk about everything, or hold back, or sit somewhere in between. Are we able to express ourselves honestly without injuring others or bargain in areas where we need to take some actions? Our intuitive self comes into play and also our belief systems, honoring when they change and noticing our resistance in some cases, when it needs to change right now. Our thinking minds, full of ideas, the spiritual connector to a relationship with the divine – where do we believe or don’t believe, in what or who?
Les Leventhal Most think that starts when they roll out their mat. “Not so,” says Les. He will skillfully guide you that rolling up the mat is a continuation of the practice. You will awaken to the knowledge that yoga is everything and everywhere. Intentions will be set. Chanting will reveal more intimate connections in daily activities. Awareness of breath will be ignited to initiate a consciousness filled with compassion. Les’ sequencing is safe and made available for all levels of practitioners, whether it is your first day of practicing yoga or your first day of your twentieth year. Everyone will play and dance on their edges. Les’ teachings are founded in ancient wisdom and tethered into modern culture so that what and how we seek can be recognized through the joy and suffering we all experience in the form of attachment in our lives.






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