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Workshop for Women Hormonal Balance

Yoga Ashram - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Hormones affect all areas of our life. When they are out of balance we feel emotionally reactive, sad or irritable, and often with low energy or low libido. They impact on our relationships, our work productivity and our overall sense of happiness and personal fulfilment. But this doesn’t have to be the case!
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Through the wisdom and application of yoga techniques, philosophy, meditation and Naturopathy practices, you’ll learn how to manage common imbalances such as PCOD, pre-menstrual tension, Menopausal symptoms Irregular or heavy periods.
When we learn how to manage the natural workings of our mind and understand our bodies’ needs, many of the symptoms women tend to experience can be greatly eased or even eliminated – giving us full access to our amazing capacity for love, creativity and wisdom, especially as we age.
The Benefits
In this experiential and practical workshop, you will:
Practice gentle yoga asana (postures) that specifically nourish and balance the hormonal, reproductive and nervous systems;
Experience deeper inner calm through pranayama (breath work) and meditation;
Learn how to incorporate the use of healing properties of Naturopathy practices in your lifestyle;
Understand and connect to your body’s intuitive wisdom and;
Discover ways to gain a greater sense of inner peace.
This workshop is accessible to women of all ages, irrespective of their level of health and fitness.

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  • Hatha yoga
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  • Meditation

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