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Yoga Retreats worldwide

Have you ever enjoyed doing yoga abroad? We all need a break away from everything once in a while, also changing the environment of our everyday practice. If you have always loved the idea of a relaxing holiday, from meditating on the beach to taking a yoga class in a breathtaking landscape, then you definitely should give yourself the gift of a yoga retreat. Here you have the best yoga retreats in the world that will leave you feeling detoxed and brand new.

On this page you will find information about Yoga Retreats, suggestions about the best destinations in the world to do a yoga retreat or to have a yoga holiday. Additionally, you will learn the different types of yoga you can perform, as well as plenty of options for affordable yoga retreats that are perfect for releasing stress or worries and allow you to find your inner peace.

As you perform yoga you can expect to feel sweat, relaxation, and connection but during a Yoga Retreat, you can also get a sense of adventure being in a stunning location, all in one trip. These experiences welcome all yoga and meditation lovers who are looking for a really inspiring and revitalizing break. You will take part in multiple yoga sessions which are led by the most professional and international teachers changing seasonally and multiple language speakers. Also on your stay, you can expect nice accommodations with deliciously organic and fresh meals so you will feel refreshed both inside and out. Anyone can go for enjoying such an experience because an affordable yoga retreat such as an all-inclusive, choosing a shared room, or even booking far in advance can reduce costs and is well worth it. Of course, you deserve it, so here you have a plenty of options to book one of the best yoga retreat holidays around the world.

Best Yoga Retreats in the World

Mountain hiking with stunning views in Bali India


In recent years Bali has been put firmly on the global tourism map. With palm fringed white sand beaches, a tropical climate and easy-going culture this comes as no surprise.

Jungle Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica allows you to include several yoga adventures. Your daily yoga practice can go hand in hand with surfing, white-water rafting, hiking.



It goes without saying, India invites you to surrender, to let go of your ego and to be mesmerised by the beauty and variety of its culture.

Thailand Paradise beach


The most visited country in the world with 20 millions of visitors per year. Tailand is one the best yoga destination.

Infos about Yoga Retreats / Yoga Holidays

A Yoga Retreat in Bali, the island of the Gods, can be a transformative nourishing experience. This Indonesian island is an exotic destination and one of the world’s top retreat hotspots. Places like Ubud and Canggu are among the best destinations for choosing for a Yoga Holiday. You will have Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga daily sessions combined with Yin and Meditation in a relaxing environment. These “all level” classes have a lot of benefits as profound natural healing, bringing your body mind and soul into tune.

If you want to join a Yoga Retreat in Thailand you have plenty of locations to choose from, not only in its capital Bangkok but also in paradisiacal places like Ko Samui, Phuket, Ban Tai. Enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches while performing daily yoga sessions focusing on asanas, pranayama, chanting, relaxing and resting surrounded by peaceful landscapes. No matter your level of practice you will achieve your wellness goals to the fullest and will go back home totally rejuvenated.


The United Kingdom has a lot to offer as far as yoga holidays concern. Yoga Retreats in the UK may take place in several places in Wales, England or Scotland, and top locations include Somerset, Cornwall, Sussex, and Devon. When joining one of these one week or weekend retreats, you can expect to have a relaxing experience, escaping from the hectic rhythm of routine and renovating completely. You will have daily yoga and meditation sessions, healthy meals during the day, nice accommodation surrounded by stunning landscapes around mountains or nearby the coast.

Welcome to live the Pura Vida! If you choose for a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica you can expect warm weather, beautiful views and a deep connection with nature. This experience will be a mix of daily yoga and meditation sessions, combined with adventure activities around the island, like hiking in the mountains, exploring the rainforests and a dose of fantastic surfing. Included in the retreat you will have your accommodation, healthy local delicious meals, yoga workshops and a variety of classes. Interaction with like-minded people and connect with your inner self-are waiting for you in this Caribbean paradise.


We all know that some of the most famous yoga schools are located in India, like BKS Iyengar’s school in Pune, Pattabhi Jois’s in Mysore, and the Indian Sivananda Centre. If you decide to do a Yoga Retreat in India it will definitely transform your life because you will experience a beautiful blend of local culture and traditions, together with challenging and inspiring daily yoga sessions. These kinds of Yoga Holidays can take place in different cities like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Amritsar, Agra, and durations can last from one week to one month. As asana is only one aspect of a wider whole, you can expect a greater emphasis on meditation, breathing and cleansing techniques, mantra chanting, instruction in philosophy, and Karma Yoga or community service. After this experience, you will feel calm, renewed, rejuvenated, and with more energy and enthusiasm to affront routine.

No matter which city you choose for a Yoga Retreat in Australia, you will for sure have a really fun and relaxing time! Whether in Tasmania, Queensland, Byron Bay, or Victoria, you will be looked after and have personal guidance and mentoring. You will enjoy all the yoga practice and also other activities like hiking in the rainforest or massage sessions on the beach. You have the option of a mini-retreat of 3 days or as much as 14 days of yoga, meditation, mindfulness or wellness retreats in this beautiful island that has a lot to offer. Nice accommodations surrounded by splendid landscapes, enjoying healthy meals, together with likeminded people is all waiting for you in the southern hemisphere.


Deepen your yoga practice away from daily routine and join a Yoga Retreat in Greece. This amazing destination offers different options for a yoga holiday such as Ithaki island by the Ionian Sea, Silver island by the Aegean Sea, Skyros Island, or Triopetra in Crete with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. You can expect daily training suitable for all levels, organized in morning and afternoon yoga sessions, and also you will learn and practice meditation and pranayama. You will be able to indulge in Mediterranean healthy cuisine during your stay in a very nice accommodation surrounded by stunning landscapes, the best combination for returning home completely energized and full of positivity.

In either Clare Island, Galway, or Wexford, a Yoga Retreat in Ireland will be perfect for a relaxed holiday in a far and quiet place. Be prepared to immerse yourself in the yoga and meditation daily practices through which you will restore your mind, body, and soul. Walking in the countryside or making a tour around the island are good options for when you have free time. You can expect to indulge in local and organic foods, adventure and cultural activities. You could even join one retreat which includes exciting Irish dancing lessons with typical instruments for you to enjoy it to the maximum.

A Yoga Retreat in California can be a perfect option for escaping the busy daily routine and feeling rejuvenated. Most of these yoga retreats offer yoga sessions suitable for all levels. You will not only tone and exercise your body but also this will be an opportunity for you to nourish your soul and mind, through meditation. There are good locations for retreats in North or Central Coast or South California, where you can also enjoy other activities like rock climbing, hiking or swimming as a part of the retreat. A highlight of this place is that in California you can find the most high quality retreats, in five star locations, Los Angeles for example, including massage and spa treatments, or even holistic healing rituals.

A Yoga Retreat in Portugal is always a good option if you are looking for reconnecting with yourself, and to refresh and renew energies. Lisbon, the capital city has a lot to offer, but also in other locations like Sagres, Aimeira or Lagos you will find your best retreat, oriented for beginners and for more advanced practitioners. Such a yoga holiday may also include surf classes, kayaking, exploring fishing towns, everything surrounded by magical landscapes. You can expect daily healing yoga practice of a wide variety of styles, followed by guided meditation, given by qualified teachers in a variety of languages as Portuguese, Spanish and English as well.

During a Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka you will not only practice different yoga styles but also you will find inner peace and become relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy the beauty of nature in this island in the Indian ocean, either in Kalutara, Hikkadua, Anamaduwa, Southern, Central or Northern province. You will get pleasure doing your practice in these exotic beaches surrounded by coconut palm trees. Whatever your level isl, from beginner to advanced, everyone is welcome to join. Moreover, you will have also a gastronomic experience with the delightful organic food that you can try on the island. After such an experience you will return to your home with a lot of love and full of positive energy.

Welcome to the smallest but most pleasant Indian state, Goa. Considered one of the most amazing places to practice yoga, you will experience an incredible level of wellness. A Yoga Retreat in Goa can take place in any of these beautiful places, Patnem beach, Carmona beach, or Varca beach. This is a wonderful setting for learning not only yoga philosophy and deepening your yoga practice, but also breathing techniques, meditation, for connecting with your inner self and achieving a balance between your body and mind. Affordable and suitable for every level, this experience will include dynamic classes during the morning and more relaxing and restorative classes in the evenings on the stunning Goa beaches. You will have a beautiful accommodation including vegetarian daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, during your free time you can also enjoy the beauty of this Indian paradise, joining excursions or boat trips, walking on the seaside by the sunset, kayaking or a massage session under the palm trees.

What types of yoga retreats are offered?

Even if you have never surfed before this can be the best way to enjoy a different vacation and meeting people with the same spirit from all over the world. From the first surf lesson, you will learn the tricks and techniques while enjoying the feeling of the sea breeze. Check out a Yoga Surf Retreat in Costa Rica, Spain, Bali, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Portugal, or Nicaragua. This is the best option if you are looking for a fit and active holiday to keep in great shape. You will learn how to surf the best waves while connecting with nature and practicing yoga every day. This training together with the yoga practice will help you to improve your balance, increase your flexibility, and be fully in the moment.

A quiet relaxing experience for a vacation is always an excellent option! There are a lot of Yoga and Meditation Retreats around the world, from Nepal or India to California or England. In a really short time, you will feel the benefits of a regular meditation and mindfulness and this will totally change your life for the better. In these retreats, suitable for beginners and advanced students, you can expect to learn and practice the different types of meditation, combined with breathing techniques and yoga asanas. Through this practice you will reduce stress and concerns, connecting to your inner self, so you can start to live and enjoy the present moment. The best part of this is that you can practice it in your everyday life.


Because you want peace on and off the mat, a good option is to consider a Yoga Wellness Retreat. Let yourself be pampered through invigorating and healing treatments and different massage therapies, surrounded by amazing landscapes in Ibiza, Canary Islands, Malta, Tuscany, or Costa Rica. You can expect to be in a beautiful accommodation for a weekend or more, taking pleasure through detox or weight loss therapies in the spa, or finding your inner calm doing a meditative walk in the stunning environment. Of course, specific yoga sessions will also take place to make it the perfect wellness retreat.

Enjoy a variety of courses from surf yoga to mindful meditation to female only in a yoga retreat for Women. There are some amazing places to rejuvenate and connect with yourself, from Costa Rica or Nicaragua to India or Thailand. You will get along with the like-minded women and enjoy as many yoga sessions as you want while relaxing your mind and body. You will also enjoy a cozy accommodation surrounded by beautiful landscapes, as well as healthy organic food every day. Your only duty will be to enjoy the simple things in life, which is bliss!

Ready for a well-deserved rest? Then you should take part in a transformational experience by joining an Ayurveda Yoga Retreat. This traditional medicine from India combined with the most adequate yoga classes will make your holiday the best time ever. Whether in Bali, Thailand, India, Portugal or Malta, holistic healing in the form of Ayurveda and yoga will help restore your mind and body. You can expect to read a book under a palm tree cozied up by stunning landscapes, or having some rejuvenating ayurvedic spa treatments, as well as treatments for physical concerns. Through personalized ayurvedic recommendations your mind, body, and soul will be wholly balanced.